Inspired by the rich landscapes of Napoli, our intimate fine-dining experience is itself a destination. Immerse yourself in Italy.

Welcome To Osteria Napoli Ristoranté

​​​​Osteria Napoli RistorantÉ

Designed by Chef Joseph Briffa, our menu selections will delight the eye and the palette.

We use only the finest ingredients. 

Every dish made to order.

Renowned for our Authentic Italian cooking or Casa Linga, our Clients come from all over the world to savor our acclaimed dishes prepared by our renowned Chef Briffa. You will experience flavorful foods prepared just for you with only the finest and freshest ingredients. We offer superior service by our hospitable, very courteous and warm staff.

Our main attraction of the restaurant is the special of the month, the "Porchetta", served with the traditional fanfare of ringing bells announcing the arrival of the roast pig on a serving platter and presented to the dining patrons and our house specialties include pastas, scaloppini, fish and more. Our culinary expertise has remained a beacon for lovers of finer Italian cuisine for more than 20 years.

Come relax and enjoy our traditional atmosphere which is filled with live entertainment nightly (Thursday to Sunday) often accompanied by the restaurant joining in on a song.

Book your reservation today by calling (604)255-6441 or clicking the link below.

We have limited space and recommend you reserve in advance.




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