Joe Briffa the owner and chef of Osteria Napoli was born and raised in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean, to Italian parents who originally came from Agrigento Sicily.

At about 9 years of age Joe worked in a restaurant washing dishes and it was there that he was introduced to the joy of cooking. As a young man he went to England where he learned the basics of cooking from the Master Chefs at the Savoy Hotel and the London Bridge Restaurants.

Bringing his skills to Canada, Joe lived in Montreal for 31 years where he plied his culinary expertise operating Italian restaurants.

Coming to Vancouver with his wife Ginette, Joe worked at, and then purchased, the Osteria Napoli Restaurant. Ginette re-decorated the restaurant turning it into a cosy romantic, family run establishment with personal and warm service. Live entertainment, nightly (Thursday to Sunday), often accompanied by restaurants patrons joining in with a song.

Authentic Italian cooking, or Casa Linga, is the criteria of the restaurant with the the "special of the month," the "porchetta" served with the traditional fanfare of ringing bells announcing the arrival of the roast pig on a serving platter and presented to the dining patrons. Another specialty of Joe's served occasionally, is "fish night" which is a repast of specially selected and prepared fish and sea food.

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